Water is essential to all life on our planet, and coffee is essential to many humans in the morning. However, due to poor water quality, many people are experiencing a subpar morning boost when they drink their daily cup of joe. Don’t simply drink coffee for the caffeine boost it can give you. Start enjoying your mornings and looking forward to a warm, fresh cup of clean coffee in the morning.

At Eaton Well & Pump, we want to ensure that you have the best water for all of your daily activities — especially for brewing coffee! We offer well drilling, pump maintenance, system installation, water treatment, and much more. All of our services are available at the residential or commercial levels, and we can help you bring high-quality water to your home, farm, business, or municipality. Contact our friendly team in West Liberty to learn more about our well and pump services, and continue reading today’s post to discover the importance of water in your morning coffee.

How Much Of Your Coffee Is Water?

To begin, let’s take a look at the amount of water that is in a cup of coffee. We all know that coffee is made with water, but how much of that water actually ends up in the finished product? The average cup of filtered coffee through a standard coffee brewer or pour over method will be 98% water! If you prefer a stronger dosage and have an espresso machine, you will still be experiencing 90% water in your espresso shots. With that much water in your cup, you want to make sure you are drinking good, clean, delicious water.

What Is In Your Water?

Whether you are getting water from a local supply, your personal well and pump, or from a bottle, there will always be trace elements that are hidden inside your H2O. The main things you will find are natural minerals and chemical substances. The minerals come from the ground and are absorbed into the water through its journey to your tap. The chemical substances are usually what is used to treat the water to make it microbiologically pure and free from bacteria. In most cases, this is often chlorine.

The Danger Of Chlorine In Coffee

While you definitely want your water to be clean and pure when you drink it, chlorine is a huge enemy for a great-tasting cup of coffee. Due to the chemical makeup of coffee, adding chlorine will change the structure of your coffee beans and make the resulting cup of coffee more bitter. When you utilize water from your own personal well, you won’t have water that is being subjected to chlorination, and you can begin to craft a delicious cup of coffee each morning.

Get Clean Water For Your Coffee

Since you won’t be getting the chlorination, you will still need to have your water undergo a filtering or softening process to ensure that it is fresh and delicious each for each and every sip. Get in touch with the specialists at Eaton Well & Pump to make sure that your morning coffee is exceptional!