Having your own water well for personal usage or to irrigate your crops can save you money and be extremely convenient! However, just like everything else, the water pump sometimes breaks.

When your well or pump isn’t working the way it should, there may be a simple fix, or it might be something more serious. Get in touch with your West Liberty water well experts today! Eaton Well & Pump has been proudly serving our community since 1945. Our friendly team can help you make sure your water well, pump, and irrigation systems are working properly at all times. Give us a call now if your systems aren’t working correctly or you’d like to discuss a new installment on your property.

No Water

It’s extremely frustrating when your water goes out. However, there could be a simple fix! The first thing to look at is the power to your pump. Is it on? It’s possible the power was killed on accident, causing the pump to stop operating. If your pump continually trips a power breaker, however, there may be serious issues that will require professional assistance.

If your power is fine, then you should check the pump switch next. If this has gone bad, it won’t cause the pump to start when it should. If you’re feeling handy, this is generally an easy and inexpensive swap.

If your power is on and your pump switch is in working order, then you likely will need service on the controller. Servicing any of these parts by yourself could lead to issues if done improperly, so be careful or give Eaton Well & Pump a call and we will assess the issues quickly and efficiently.

Inconsistent Pressure

If you have had your water pump for a long time and you’ve started to notice changes in pressure or pulsing water during normal use, then it might be time to replace your water tank. The tank stores and distributes water with the most even pressure possible, but when it starts to fail, you may notice some of these symptoms:

  • Decreased pressure when multiple water sources are used at once
  • Leaking or pooling water around your water tank
  • Drastic changes in water pressure during bathing or prolonged water usage
  • Increased electrical bills

When the pump is starting and stopping more often to compensate for its failure to hold and distribute water evenly, it will consume more electricity, which can increase your bills and lead to some or all of the above symptoms. Work with Eaton to find the best new solution or fix for your water tank so you can get back to normal living!

Pump Doesn’t Stop Running

If you’ve noticed that your water pump is not shutting off as it normally would, there are likely serious issues. In this case, it could mean that there is a burst pipe somewhere along your system, or your pump has failed altogether. If this happens, get in touch with a specialist in West Liberty as soon as possible to avoid property damage, excessive water bills, flooded rooms, and more issues.

Eaton Well & Pump offers 24-hour service every single day, so no matter what time of day or night, we will be there to assess and fix your issues. Whether you’re looking for a slight upgrade, or you have a burst pipe that is flooding your home, you can give us a call at any time. We work to make clean water, geothermal energy, drilling, and pump repair available and convenient for our Ohio neighbors. Contact us now if you are having issues with your water pump, or to learn more about the services we offer. We look forward to working with you!