What Is A Municipal Well?

Municipal wells, also called industrial water wells, are wells that provide a community or large facility with fresh well water. The wells feed into a storage system that provides and distributes the water where it is needed. The amount of space required for a municipal well will vary depending on the size of the area that is being serviced. If the well is for a large building or series of buildings, the well can be relatively small. However, if you plan on feeding water to multiple communities, homes, or even a city, the space requirements will be greater, as there will need to be plenty of space to store water for all.

Agricultural Drilling

As a farmer, you need to be able to give your crops all of the water they need to be able to thrive and allow you to turn a profit. If you are spending big bucks on traditional water systems, you will be eating directly into your earnings. Discover the benefits of natural well and pump drilling for all of your property! Eaton Well & Pump has extensive experience with providing agriculturalists the water that they need to support any area of land. From big farms with many acres and workers, to single-family plots, we will be able to save you money and give you a steady supply of water.


When you work with Eaton, we will visit your property to assess water needs, space requirements, and to discuss the best options for you. With a quote from us, you can find the well solution that makes the most sense for your purposes and your wallet. We have been part of the West Liberty community for many years, and we love to bring amazing solutions to everyone that we work with!


Throughout the lifespan of your well and pump systems, you can count on Eaton Well & Pump! Not only can we provide regular routine maintenance, replacements, and fixes, but we also give all of our customers access to our 24/7 emergency maintenance line. Any time of day or night, and any day of the year, we will be there for you so you do not experience any detrimental effects from broken or malfunctioning equipment.

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