Water Well Drilling

Having a source of water on your property will make your home, business, or farm more sustainable! With Eaton Well & Pump, you can experience some of the following benefits for yourself:

  • Healthy and great tasting drinking water
  • Water that is environmentally friendly and chemical free
  • No monthly water bills
  • Reliable pumping systems that have low maintenance

When you have us drill a new well for your property, you will be doing yourself, your family, and your property a favor. Get in contact with us now for a quote or to discuss how a water well and pump system could help you.

Irrigation Well Drilling

Whether you are giving your crops the nutrients they need or simply watering your lawn, installing an irrigation system with a well and pump will be highly beneficial. Irrigation systems that are powered by well water can reduce weeds, eliminate water costs, keep plants healthy, and allow for fun outside activities.

Making sure that all of your crops are growing well can be a chore, and can cost an arm and a leg in monthly water costs. You can reduce your effort and monthly bills when you integrate an irrigation well into your property! Since your water won’t be coming from a municipality or treatment facility, you’ll be able to use as much water as you want, even in times of drought. You can also utilize your irrigation well for your home, so you can fill up a pool, keep your flowers blooming, or wash your car in the summer without worrying about additional costs!

Geothermal Drilling

By working with Eaton Well & Pump, you’ll be able to harness the power of the earth! Geothermal energy utilizes the temperatures below the ground to heat or cool your home. These temperatures consistently hover around 50 degrees all year long, so you can pull the right temperatures from the ground with fluids that circulate through pipes in your building.

One of the biggest benefits of geothermal heating and cooling is that it does not require more than the ground you stand upon. With other renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, there must be consistent sunlight or breezes. There is also often not much maintenance that is required for geothermal systems. Because most of the parts do not move and shift, there is little opportunity for things to break.

Pump Installation

Ensure that you always have constant pressure for your irrigation and home water systems with a constant pressure pump. One of the main complaints that well owners have is that there can be decreased pressure or water sputtering if there are multiple sources using the water at the same time. When you have your pump installed with Eaton Well & Pump, you can have a controller that will be able to control your water flow and make sure that all outlets are receiving a steady flow. Depending on the size of your property, you may need a larger pumping system. Get in touch with us to receive a quote today!

Pump Service and Repair

While well and pump systems are very hardy and designed to last for a long period of time, they are not completely infallible. Some of the common issues we see with pump systems include:

  • Pipe blockage
  • Ground shifts causing pipe breaks
  • Animal damage

If your well and pump are in need of maintenance, we can assist you. Our West Liberty technicians are capable of tackling any of the problems above, as well as a wide range of other issues. No matter what is wrong with your well and pump, Eaton is here to help!

Water Conditioning Services

Water that is received from a treatment plant is often altered with chlorine or other potentially harmful chemicals. With a water well and pump system, you can experience fresh water straight from the earth. In some locations, this water may be hard, or heavy with sediments and metals that it gained from the earth. When you install an iron filter or water softening system to your pump, you can increase the cleanliness of your water, remove iron particles, and decrease the risk of stains on your clothes or appliances. Make sure that your system is the best it can possibly be, and avoid buildups in your pipes thanks to our water conditioning services.

Monthly Services

Make sure that your systems are always working at their highest capacity! We offer a variety of options and maintenance packages for monthly service to your well and pump. Some of these include:

  • Monthly well and pump inspections
  • Water softener and salt delivery
  • Annual pump inspections

When your well-being and livelihood are on the line, you don’t want to take any risks. We can schedule routine checkups to ensure your system is always in perfect working order. Explore our existing packages, or get in touch with Eaton Well & Pump now, and we can discuss a variety of custom packages to keep your irrigation, well, pump, water conditioning, and more in the best shape possible.

Emergency Services

Because well and pump issues can quickly escalate into major problems for both residents and business owners, we offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Specializing in well and pump repairs and upgrades, our skilled technicians promise a prompt and friendly response, skilled workmanship, and focused service.

The quality of your home or business well — and the water that comes from it — depends on its structure and design. Don’t risk the integrity of your water and health; only trust in skilled, knowledgeable experts to handle your well drilling and pump service needs. Trust in locally owned Eaton Well & Pump for all of your needs. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our West Liberty well and pump systems.