If you’re still not sure quite clear on what geothermal energy is and how it is used, we’ll give you a brief overview! The temperatures below the ground are consistently hovering around 50 degrees all year long. A geothermal system is hooked up to pipes that circulate throughout your house or business. Heat is pulled from the ground, and fluids circulate through the pipes to keep your building warm. In the hot months, this works in reverse, and sends the heat into the ground, and pulls up cooler temperatures.

At Eaton Well & Pump, one of our goals is to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible in our lives and operations. So harnessing geothermal energy makes perfect sense! This technology does not require burning fossil fuels, and geothermal fields have almost no emissions. Because of these things, you will not only be helping keep the environment clean, but you’ll also be saving a lot of money on your monthly energy bills!

Unlike some other renewable sources of energy, geothermal is constant. Solar energy relies on enough sun, wind energy relies on enough wind, but geothermal energy only relies on the earth continuing to exist! As long as you’ve still got a planet to stand on, you can count on geothermal energy.

The highly efficient geothermal systems are flexible, and can be implemented into many different situations. They require less space for hardware than conventional energy systems, so they can be a perfect fit in any space! Not only are the space requirements less, but they also use less electricity than standard systems, so you can save even more on monthly bills.

There is also very little maintenance associated with geothermal systems once this natural heating and cooling system is in place. Since there are few moving parts, the systems often last for many years without encountering issues. However, if you do run into any problems, Eaton Well & Pump offers 24 hour emergency service, and our team will work with you quickly and efficiently to solve any issues.

We want your home or business to thrive, and having a comfortable environment helps create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. You can trust our West Liberty based team to bring you the best possible geothermal drilling services. Give our team a call today to find out how we can help upgrade your systems in West Liberty and the surrounding areas!