Keep Your Crops Healthy With Well Irrigation

Keeping your crops, fields, and harvest watered and looking beautiful can be a real pain, but with an irrigation well, you can enjoy pristine crops with reduced effort! Irrigation systems direct water to the exact locations that need it. Water each plant directly, so that you reduce the chance of watering nearby weeds, which will reduce time spent digging up garden pests. Allowing the plants to have their own feed of water also ensures that each plant has enough water to thrive.

When you invest in a water well, you reduce your future bills. Since you do not pay for the water from your own well, you no longer have to pay high water bills in the summer when you are trying to keep your crops pristine. Watering your fields can drive prices through the roof, so save money with a well irrigation system! Some people do not wish to use an irrigation well because of the upfront cost, but the money saved over time will be well worth the initial investment!

Since your water is not coming from a municipality or water treatment plant, you are able to water as much as you would like — even in times of drought! While others may experience dead crops, brown fields, and wilted flowers, your plants will grow easily! Since your well water supply is not limited or restricted by your city, you can use as much as you would like.

The water from wells is not chemically altered by any treatment facilities, so it is often very pure. We aim to ensure environmental safety and sustainability as much as possible, so we are happy to aid in reducing potential harms.

Save on your outdoor activities, especially in the summer! You can include hose bibs to your well irrigation system, which allows you to attach a hose into your water supply. If you plan on washing your car yourself, you can use your own free well water instead of paying to go to the car wash. If you have children who want to fill up their own little pool, or simply dash wildly through the sprinklers, you won’t have to worry about the increased cost of water!

Give Eaton Well & Pump a call today to discuss your own water irrigation system. Our team is here to help West Liberty, and the surrounding areas experience beautiful fields and crops right away!