Reliable Water With Variable Speed or Constant Pressure Pump Systems

In the past, water well owners would complain about decreased water pressure, sputtering faucets, and low water output — especially when multiple people or appliances were using the water supply at once. But with technological advancements, this is no longer an issue! Eaton Well & Pump gladly provides West Liberty and Surrounding areas with strong water pressure by installing variable speed or constant pressure water pumps.

When we drill your well, we will install a standard pump that includes a 1/2 horsepower 10GPM submersible pump system. If you choose, you can upgrade your system to a constant pressure system that will help keep your water pressure constant and can reduce your energy usage and costs.

With variable speed and constant pressure pumps, a controller is installed that regulates water pressures, and manages the power of the pump system. This allows your appliances and water fixtures to have the best water pressure available at all times, just like you would experience with municipal and city water systems. As an added bonus, constant pressure systems can offer this regular water pressure with a smaller water tank! Standard water systems will need larger tanks depending on the needs of each property, but since the upgraded pumps are constantly monitoring the water output, it does not require the same size tank.

One of our goals is to be eco-friendly, and energy conscious. With constant pressure systems, the power consumption is reduced because the pump turns on and off fewer times. The majority of the power consumption from water pumps is from starting and stopping the pump. Keeping the constant pressure pump running requires less power than startups and shutoffs. Once it is running, the pump will continue to run until the water usage and pressure variation is reduced.

The variable speed and constant pressure pumps are especially useful for households with multiple people. As you are doing dishes, another family member is showering, and someone else is trying to get a cup of water, the water pressure demand is increased. Traditional pump systems would cause decreased water output or sputtering, but constant pressure systems are designed to do just what their name suggests: give you constant pressure! If you use your well water for irrigation, you could experience issues as water pressure drops. By investing in constant pressure, you can avoid brown patches of grass, and unwatered plants. Upgrade your systems now with a constant pressure system!

Get in touch with Eaton Well & Pump today to discuss pump installation for your well. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution that brings your Ohio home the best water possible! Our friendly team is here to answer any further questions you have, or set up an appointment to assess your property.