Get the Cleanest Water the Earth Has to Offer

When Eaton Well & Pump installs your new well, we want you to be satisfied with it right away, and experience the best quality water available. You can purchase our water softeners and iron filters to upgrade your well and keep your water fresh and crisp!

To fully understand water softening, let’s take a look at what makes water “hard.” Simply put, hard water contains more minerals than ordinary water. The primary culprits are calcium and magnesium. These positively charged ions make it harder for other positively charged ions to dissolve in the water. One primary example of this is soap. With hard water, soaps generally do not dissolve as well. This will result in dishes, appliances, pipes, clothes, and even your skin receiving less cleaning attention than they deserve.

Water softeners are designed to remove the minerals that make the water hard, and leave you with only clean, fresh water. Soft water reduces mineral build up in pipes, hot boilers, and tanks. When blockages are in these systems, they need to be replaced or serviced, which can be expensive. With soft water, you can experience not only clean drinking water, but also lower maintenance costs.

Everyone’s wells are different, and require different solutions to keep the water as clean as possible. In some cases, water wells in the same neighborhood can even have different mineral deposits. Water softeners are wonderful tools, but they do not do a great job at reducing the iron in the water. To decrease the amount of iron in your water, we will install an iron filter.

Iron in water comes in two forms: ferric and ferrous. Ferric iron is visible, and it is the culprit of common reddish-brown muddy looking water. Ferrous iron dissolves in water, and becomes clear. Both of these can be filtered out easily with the addition of an iron filter to your well and pump system.

Much like the calcium and magnesium particles that softeners work to remove, iron particles can cause issues in your home. Over time, the iron deposits in your pipes can build up and create clogs and increase maintenance bills. Depending on the level of the iron in the water, it will affect the taste of your drinking water, and any food that uses water in its preparation. Since the water can have a tainted color, over time it will leave a stain on anything it comes in contact with. This includes clothes, dishes, sinks, showers, toilets, and more!

Avoid harmful minerals, blocked pipes, increased maintenance bills, and unsightly stains! When you work with Eaton Well & Pump, your home in West Liberty and the surrounding areas can have excellent water! If you would like to add water softeners or iron filters to your well, we will create the perfect water treatment solution for you so that you can enjoy clean water at any time. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule a consultation for your property. We look forward to working with you!